Testimonials and References

Stephan Mattsen

I started taking Skype lessons with Bob about 3-4 years ago. (He will know exactly as he keeps detailed notes for each student-a mark of a great teacher BTW).

In 1968, after playing my last band concert, I put my little Bundy cornet into its case and didn't play regularly for the next 25-30 years. A few years ago I decided to pick up the trumpet again and discovered Bob via the Trumpet Players International Network (TPIN) e-mail discussion group. I bought a camera and microphone, downloaded Skype and we were in business.

Bob tailored a series of lessons for me that improved my playing dramatically. For instance: E, F, & G at the top of the staff were the top limit of my range for over three decades. Bob increased my range to A, B & C above the staff (well, I'm still working on making the C "just another note") without concentrating on my range.

We worked on the basics of breath support and embouchure development and the range increase occurred naturally. He set goals for me way beyond my original intention of playing traditional songs out of a hymnbook. Bob has a wealth of information at his fingertips and genuine skill in teaching students as individuals. I recommend him.

Stephan M. Mattsen
Fond du Lac, WI

Elaine Johnson

Bob has been an amazing avenue of support for some time now. He first offered his services when my teacher's work conditions changed here in Australia, and I was left without instruction. At the time I was having great difficulty coming back to playing again after a sixteen year break. Bob identified and corrected problem after problem and has always been exceptionally supportive. The second time I took lessons with Bob he stepped in to fill a two-month gap while my new Australian based teacher was sent interstate for work. Bob successfully prepared me for my performance examination in which I received a High Distinction. Bob has answered email after email and endured teary Skype calls. Without Bob's careful tutelage I may well have said good bye to my trumpet for the second time. I thoroughly recommend you book a session with him and experience results first-hand.

Elaine Johnson
Band Director and Teacher

Caitlin Herckenrath

Mr. Bob Grier has helped me more than I could have imagined since he has been mentoring me. We began our lessons during one of my "lower" trumpeting phases when I felt incompetent and like I couldn't improve because I had braces.

Mr. Grier proved me wrong, and after almost 5 months has given me a significant boost in confidence and helped me form the proper embouchure I need to play in any register, with or without braces! Every week, Mr. Grier spends quality time listening to my techniques and assigning me very specific, personal exercises that will help me improve in the healthiest, fastest way.

If you are daunted by the whole "online" aspect of the lessons - don't be! This method is tried-and-true to help any musician with his/her problems, concerns, and improvements. I wouldn't trade Mr. Grier's expertise for anything!

Caitlin Herckenrath
Toronto, Canada

Julie Herckenrath

As the parent of a 15 year old trumpet player, I was somewhat hesitant about her taking lessons online. However, my fear was quickly replaced with delight when we found Bob Grier.

Mr. Grier's professionalism, patience and positive attitude has made a world of difference to my daughter's confidence and playing ability.

If you are looking for a great teacher who really knows his stuff, then I urge you to sign up with Bob. 

Julie Herckenrath
Toronto, Canada